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They do comms

Meet the professionals who are changing the marketing and communications industry around the world!

Emma Knightly

Emma Knightly is now kept on her toes with the Digital Marketing Institute Blog, but how did she find her feet initially? Read on to discover her inspiring journey.

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Matt Freeman

Matt Freeman has recently set up his own business and now he looks forward to spreading his passion and communicating around the globe.

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Jessica Dodds

Jessica is a writer, a food blogger, and an entrepreneur alongside being a Marketing Manager. She has the experience and she is willing to divulge all!

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Tom Bithell

Tom is still learning, but his hunger for more experience and development is insatiable!

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Bethany Hazard

After recently graduating her film-making undergraduate course, Bethany has had a change of direction, and she isn’t looking back.

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Sophie Copland

Sophie is currently on a 3 month placement and she has surpassed her KPI goal in just two days!

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Miriam Martinez

Miriam Martinez is a creative young professional on the rise. She writes, she builds websites and, after the challenges she has faced, she isn’t stopping now!

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Justin Roberti

Justin Roberti has a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills having worked in various industries, but now he has his eyes set on the world of crypto-currency.

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