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How To Get Your Work Recognised

Here at Branswer we believe that individuals deserve to be recognised  for the positive work that they do, no matter how big or small a contribution it is. However, we are aware that we all live in the real world and that the world is not ideal....

How To Understand Your Customers

Your customers are your business’s lifeline. Without them, you don’t have a business.

How To Get Your Press Release Noticed By Journalists

The life of a Journalist can be hectic at times and according to freelance writer Aaron Taube, the morning routine of the profession is somewhat of a vigorous exercise; “It goes something like this: Delete, delete, delete … pause … delete, delete, pause … click, click, click … delete, delete.”

How to Write a Press Release

A press release is a powerful communication tool that enables you to deliver specific information about your business to a wider audience in a brief but concise format, says Kayla Herbert, the director of Branswer. But exactly how is a press...

What is a Press Release?

Press releases are not features. They are not informal pitches. They are formal, official announcements regarding something new or significant about  your business "A press release is a powerful communication tool that enables you to deliver...

Stepping stones to implementing success

The world of business is like a volatile ocean ; It’s so deep , so vast and constantly changing, it is easy to lose your way whilst swimming to the island, the island where success and respite can be found.

Make Your Content Work Harder Than You

You work hard; we know and appreciate that. But your content can work harder for you, allowing you to breathe and nurture that mug of coffee just a little bit longer. "Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing...

5 Branding Myths

Business Branding is the equivalent to a juggling act, there are lots of small details that must be handled. But it can get confusing ,so, we have debunked 5 branding myths to show you what you can do when branding your business.

Three steps to boost your website’s SEO with press releases

SEO is essential for any digital marketing strategy and using press is a fantastic way to give your website that extra (organic) boost in the search list!

5 Reasons Why Marketing Matters to Business

We believe that marketing is one of the most important departments a business can have. Here we’ve listed the top five reasons why marketing matters to business.