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Ryan Cecil

After stumbling into the world of marketing, Ryan Cecil ended up in an entry-level SEO position and loved how it tied everything together. Here, Ryan recalls his career.

Dmitrii Kustov

About 11 years ago, Dmitrii Kustov was hired as a “PHP developer, specialized in SEO”, without understanding what position was about, and here Dmitrii explains how that job sparked a love for what is now his profession.

Lisajane Davies

“Never stop learning and never stop trying” is the advice Lisa Jane Davies imparts as she tells the story of her career; the ups, the downs, the achievements and everything else in between.

Isaac Winters

6 months ago Isaac Winters had no idea what he would be doing, nor does he have an idea as to where he will be 6 months time. But for now, join Issac as he tells his story, and talks about the uncertainty.

Helen Symonds

After climbing the corporate ladder from junior level to the managerial level over the course of 10 years, Helen Symonds decided to walk away from it all, take the plunge and set up a business of her own. Here, Helen explains more.

Jayjay Epega

Since graduating from the Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, Jayjay Epega soon found herself working in London. Here, Jayjay shares her journey.