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Five things you didn’t know about Canva

Canva is quite possibly the online tool you never knew existed, that you soon may not be able to live without. Brand identity is crucial to the success of your business, especially if you’re a small, start-up enterprise. Creating logos, posters and social media posts...

5 Tips to Engage with your Customers

Engaging with customers is a great way to create an emotional bond with your brand. Engaged customers are more likely to demonstrate loyalty with your business too. But how do you create this ongoing interaction with your customer?

4 Tips to Write Content for Customers

Writing for your customers can be tricky. You need to be sure they’re interested so they stick around long enough to read the whole thing, and even if they do, they need to feel compelled to learn more about your company or fulfil some kind of call to action at...

5 Tips to Win an Award Nomination

Winning award nominations helps your business gain the recognition it deserves. It allows your customers to chose and stay loyal to your company while being an award-nominated business increases your chances of developing and improving good rapport with clients.  So how do you win an award nomination?