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The Tech behind Branswer

Branswer is the only company in the world to have developed software to analyse the tone of voice in a piece of writing. As a former student of humanities and current Marketing intern I was impressed yet baffled over how Branswer developed the technology. The ability...

They Do Comms in Covid-19

We love having our They Do Comms feature on our site. It’s great to hear inspirational stories from so many in the marketing and communications industry, the struggles people have been through and their journeys to where they have got to today. Currently, the...

Decoding Consumer Memory

We all forget things: keys, important dates, where we parked our car. But in the noisy and crowded world of marketing, how can we encourage our customers to remember our brand information? What is memory? Memory is the process of acquiring information in your...

World Youth Skills Day

In November 2014, July 15th was declared by the United Nations General Assembly to be annually known as World Youth Skills Day. Spearheaded by Sri Lanka, the theme of the day is “Learning to learn for life and work”.