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Read our latest how-tos and tips for getting the most out of your branding and marketing!

Tech Tool Talk: Branswer

Sleek, simple and friendly — These are words that our useres have used to describe our awsome communication tool platfom Branswer. From helping to write awsome blog posts and engaging press releases, our aim at Branswer is to keep your business communications on brand at all times.

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5 Tips For Writing In Plain English

Recently, we explained the importance of writing in plain English, and now we are going to show you how to write in plain English. Writing in plain English is beneficial for you as a writer, as it’s faster to write, and for your readers, as its much faster to read.

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Explained Simply: The Importance of Plain English

When it comes to writing within an industry, it can be very easy to get bogged down and distracted by the complex jargon that is often thrown around and over used within that industry, but this is best avoided at all costs. Here we explain why.

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It’s National Employee Appreciation Day!

Today is for the employees who sacrifice their time, health, and happiness to complete the daily grind and get the job done – we salute you! Since its conception in 1995, the National Employee Appreciation day has morphed into an unofficially official workplace holiday!

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In 3 Easy Steps: How to Write a Content Plan

A content plan is almost like the bread and butter of any modern business. As the saying goes, every business is now a media business. If you’re not producing content for your consumer and keeping them engaged with what you are offering, longevity is not going to be in your cards.

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Explained Simply: A Content Plan

Have you ever heard the term ‘content plan’ and not had a clue what it was, let alone how to write one? Were you left wondering what on earth it was? Well, wonder no more as Branswer is here to explain it simply.

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The four languages of love in business

According to Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages, there are five ways that couples show love to one another: gift giving, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and touch. These methods of showing appreciation can be modified and applied almost anywhere, especially in business to show your appreciation for employees or customers

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Tech Tools Talk: Slack

Streamlined, fast and full of optionality, Slack is described as “the place where work flows”, Find out what we think of this communication platform.

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2018: A Year In Review

2018 has been a year of steady achievements for Branswer and we are thrilled to be ending this year with a look back at just how far we have come.

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