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Branding can be the blood life of a business. Being identifiable, conveying your business’ personality and differentiating yourself from competitors is vital. But how exactly do you make sure you’re keeping to your branding strategy?


1.There’s coherency in your content


From your colour pallet to your font to your graphics, all your content should tie together neatly. Having a mood board at the start of this process is helpful for visualising the exact look your want to achieve. This may require some playing around with – and even experimenting with after you’ve started posting your content. However, working towards achieving a consistent look will ensure your branding is on point.

There is always room to be creative, as long as you maintain your overall look and feel. This is not so that you feel restrained but that your posts and pages can be identifiable at the drop of a hat. Keeping to your colour pallet, and not throwing in other looks that don’t fit your past aesthetic, for example, wouldn’t help to build an identifiable and familiar brand image.


2. A stranger could describe your brand values without you telling them


Your audience should be able to describe your brand easily by the content you publish. Even from a flick through of your Instagram page, the kinds of posts you’ve made will give off your tone. Not everyone will get it spot on, and perceptions are always subjective, but a general feel for your brand being playful rather than serious should be clear.

If you notice a serious deviation from how you wanted your brand to be perceived it could be time to go back to the mood board!


3. You’re planning ahead to fit things in


Rushing to post content and not taking time and effort to integrate the look and feel of your work with the rest risks straying from effective branding – and that’s no good!

In order to achieve that cohesive and consistent look and feel to your brand, it will take time to make sure your work is scheduled ahead of time so you can review this.

Having an effective content calendar will help with this if you’re struggling. Branswer has one of these so it’s only a click away (this is also packed with awareness days for extra inspiration).


4. You’re getting results


Ultimately, your content is trying to drive traffic to your sites and monies to your pocket.

If sales or interaction has slumped it could be because your branding is off. Keep your audience informed about your purpose – both in terms of your product or service as well as the values you hold.

If you’re not, it could be because your audience is confused. By keeping that consistency in your content, the information should be there that is reinforcing your value to customers.



Final thoughts:

So there you have it! If you can check off these four key ways of keeping on brand you’ll be able to consistently tell your story and engage new customers.

If need help with the tone of voice of your content, our artificial insights analyse your text to make sure your writing is on brand!