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Thinking creatively can be very useful and rewarding, but it can also be a challenge. Whether we’ve hit a creative roadblock, or think every idea has already been done, we are often more creative than we give ourselves credit for. But rest assured, here are some sure-fire ways to get your creativity back on track!

If thinking outside the box isn’t working for you, try thinking inside the box.

When we think outside of the box, this allows us to broaden our creativity and hopefully find a suitable idea. But sometimes this way of thinking can leave us confused and reaching for far fetched ideas which may not be relevant for the task at hand.

This is where inside the box thinking may be useful. It consists of setting limitations, such as focusing on past successful ideas and thinking how you can rejuvenate them, or only allowing yourself to explore a few options. This method may help you zone in and truly focus on being innovative within restricted parameters. There is no denying inside the box thinking is a challenge, but it may just lead to a very successful outcome.

A famous example is Dr Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham. This story was created when Dr. Suess’ editor challenged him to create a book using only 50 words, and it has now sold over 8 million copies worldwide, which by any stretch of the imagination is a roaring success given the tight limitations!

Next time you feel overwhelmed with the wide possibilities of out of the box thinking, it may be useful to try in the box thinking, you never know, there might be some creative and innovative treasures at the bottom of the box that just need to be uncovered.

Work hard, rest hard

Being creative, whether that’s writing creative content, creating images or managing people, can be hard work. It requires you to be constantly thinking of new ideas, keeping up to date with trends and most likely working within a deadline. Although it is important to work hard, it is also equally as important to rest hard.

If you are not well rested with a fresh mind, upkeeping a creative mindset may become a challenge. In order to avoid creative lethargy, it is vital to make time for yourself. Clearing your mind by going on a walk, cooking your favourite food or starting that new hit show is often underrated. Instead of viewing this time as time you could instead be working, it is important to remember that you need to invest in yourself just as much as you invest in your work. Frequently rejuvenating your mind will help you start your working week feeling like you can take over the world and create the amazing creative content you need.

Communication is key

When we need to think creatively, it is sometimes hard to do so on our own. It is important to seek sources of inspiration and advice. This may be through communicating our task to close co-workers and seeing if they have any inspiration. But I encourage you to expand your support group to gain a wider range of ideas and ways of thinking. These could be friends, family members or co-workers from another department.

A different perspective may help clear things up in your mind, spark a new idea or even add depth to your current idea. Inspiration can be found all around, often in the most unlikely of places, so don’t restrict yourself to where you source creativity from. This is why if you are in a creative roadblock, communicate this to those around you and they may just give you the leg up you need to overcome your issue.

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