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Since the announcement of a lockdown in March, many professionals from many sectors have been advised to work from home where they can. In previous years we’ve heard advice stressing the importance of a work / home divide, but how do we keep this balance when work is now being done from home? Never fear, Branswer is here to help with four top tips on how to productively work from home, while maintaining that all important work / home divide.

Create an office like space

Pre-corona, you may have been used to going into an office and working from a desk, possibly decorated with pot plants and pictures of family to remind you of home. But now, the office needs to be brought into the home. I advise dedicating a space in your home for your work, this may be a bedroom desk, a spare room, or kitchen table during the day. By creating a space in your home where you will solely work, it will help your mind get into ‘work mode’ and will help you be more productive! Avoid making places like the sofa a place of work, or you may be distracted by the TV or those you live with.

Set time boundaries

Whether you live with family, housemates or children, it’s important to let those you live with know your time boundaries. Let them know that between certain times of the day it is important that you are not disturbed. Being in the middle of a video meeting and being disturbed by those you live with would not be professional and will make you less productive! This could be achieved through using a ‘do not disturb’ sign, or giving those you live with a copy of your schedule for the day.

Stick to a routine

Leading on from setting time boundaries for others, it is important to set them for yourself too. Sticking to your usual office hours while working from home will enable you to get all your work done in the usual amount of time. Also giving yourself a lunch break will provide a well needed break, so you don’t overwork yourself. Having time boundaries and a normal routine to stick to will help provide a sense of stability and normality, something we all need during these times!

Wear your office clothes

You may be thinking that a benefit about working from home is not having to wear office clothes. When at home it is easy to gravitate towards comfy clothing, but this blurs the lines of the home / work divide. It is believed that we subconsciously associate wearing comfy loungewear clothes with sleeping and relaxing. Therefore, wearing pyjamas or loungewear all day may hinder your productivity. Instead, it will be worthwhile putting in the effort to dress as if you are going to the office. This will help you get into and stay in the work mindset and remind you that even though you are at home, work needs to be done.


If these tips work for you or if you have your own tips you would like to share, we’d love to hear your comments on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.