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Branswer is the only company in the world to have developed software to analyse the tone of voice in a piece of writing. As a former student of humanities and current Marketing intern I was impressed yet baffled over how Branswer developed the technology. The ability to analyse tone of voice, even more so than the readability and structuring of the content, makes Branswer the only company able to advise writers whether or not their work is on brand in this way. This post will review an interview I had with Branswer’s Director of Technology Tom Dean Knight that explored how and why he developed the technology.




Branswer was founded in July 2017 by Marketer Kayla Herbert. This was primarily not to disrupt the market among other software that help you write content but rather support writers to stay on brand and make more effective communications.


Branswer is a Tech Nation’s Rising Star Regional Winner (2019) and was voted 21st of 50 Tech Companies in Yorkshire and Humber by Business Cloud (2019). Branswer has also been listed in the BMW I UK Tech Founder Awards Ecosystem Report (2018).


Currently, users of Branswer include marketers who wish to do their work more efficiently and effectively, those new to marketing content, and those in the third sector who are tasked with marketing for their cause.


Product breakdown


When you sign up to the service you input the details of your work including your target tone(s) of voice. A bank, for example, is likely to go for serious, informative, helpful, meanwhile a children’s charity may go for encouraging, supportive, and friendly.


The tone-analysis software is web-based and built using a modern PHP framework. The Branswer website leverages the work of IBM’s powerful Watson AI. This platform is then used to read and analyse your writing. Not only does the system identify characteristics or personality types in your writing, it recommends how strong this personality was detected. You will also be able to see different tones that are detected that you may not have aimed for and thus can adjust your writing accordingly.


The colour system provided shows if your tones are overridden by another:

Green: This tone is strongly detected

Yellow: This tone is detected but it is not as strong as other tones


This way you can see how your writing would be interpreted and received by others and can make the most of improving your writing skills to connect with your audience more effectively.


Additional elements of the software include a readability score with advice on sentence structure, paragraph length, passive voice and acronyms.


Branswer’s technology is, therefore, one that is helping marketers stay on brand with their marketing communications in a clear and effective way that is needed across a variety of industries and sectors.




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