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Where are you based?

Where do you work and what job do you do?
Owner, Make a Living Writing and Freelance Writers Den – I help freelance writers make more money

How has Covid-19 affected your work?
Mass layoffs mean a spike in people interested in becoming a freelance writer. So it’s basically boom times. Our team was always virtual, so we didn’t have challenges in terms of learning to work remotely. Instead, we scrambled the jets to figure out the quickest way to help as many people as possible discover our brand and learn how to earn as a freelance writer from home

How has your marketing and communications adapted during this time?

Together with my team, we moved quickly in mid-March to shift our focus to creating and distributing free resources. Our watchword became, “Magnanimous, magnanimous, magnanimous.”

I began writing an e-book that became The Recession-Proof Freelancer, released April 28. While that was underway, we did two other giveaways — I reset the pricing on 2 other lead-gen e-books to free for 5 days on Amazon, and then offered 1-week free passes to my paid membership learning & support platform, Freelance Writers Den.

The idea of course was to drive sales and make up for the departure of writers who were too broke to continue their membership due to COVID, but more broadly to simply spread our brand around and introduce it to a wider audience. Many new people are becoming interested in the career we coach on, and free resources tend to be more widely shared.

Over 5,000 people have downloaded The Recession-Proof Freelancer at this point. Over 800 people took the 1-week free passes, and about 50% of them stayed on as paying members. The overall result is that our memberships have stayed completely stable at 1,400.

How will these changes affect your strategy going forward?
“Free stuff” will continue to be at the core of our strategy for as long as Covid and isolation are a factor.

Do you have any advice to help others thrive during this time?
Give, give, give. Don’t be seen as hard-selling anything. Consider price points — though I’ve seen a colleague do well with a $2,000 offer, in general I think consumers are highly price sensitive. Be creative about ways to offer more for what you charge, or ways to restructure to offer lower entry points to get people in the door.

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