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We love having our They Do Comms feature on our site. It’s great to hear inspirational stories from so many in the marketing and communications industry, the struggles people have been through and their journeys to where they have got to today. Currently, the present day looks very different to what any of us could have envisaged at the start of 2020, with social distancing and lockdown the norm amid the coronavirus pandemic. This has changed the way we operate, some for the better in the face of adversity.

This is why we are launching a special edition of our popular They Do Comms feature, covering all things coronavirus, but with a twist… It is easy to be downhearted about the situation we find ourselves in, but we want to lift the mood and we want to hear from you! This special edition is focused on sharing the inspiring stories from people in the marketing and communications industry during the current pandemic. We want to be able to share your stories of how you or your business have adapted and thrived despite the presence of Covid-19, much like we do already with our current format of They Do Comms.

We’ve all been forced to change and we want to know how you have managed and coped with these changes. What are your new ways of working? How has Covid-19 directly affected you? We also want to hear how you plan to change moving forward, on your terms, as we gradually head towards some sense of normality. This is your place to share your coronavirus story and spread some positivity in these unprecedented times. Your stories and advice may provide inspiration for others to help adapt and move forward!

If this is something that captures your interest, then we would love to hear from you. Click here to share your inspiring story with other communications and marketing professionals. Help us spread some positivity and inspiration!

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