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Where are you based?

What job do you do?
I am a freelancer entertainment expert in London. Having been a performer, arts marketer and now an entertainment journalist and presenter I am able to provide a variety of marketing and communication services.

How did you get into marketing/communications?

My career started off with me on stage and in front of the camera but as my career developed I wanted to push myself more mentally and exercise other skills and passions I had.

I began writing on my own blog at the time as well as writing for a few theatre publications alongside performing, and after an internship I began a parallel career in arts marketing and social media. From there I continued to upskill and eventually studied part-time to gain my NCTJ journalism qualification.

What are you most proud of in your career as a marketing/communications professional?

After swapping from a freelance performance-based career to then working fulltime at a marketing and communication agency one of my proudest achievements is actually going back freelance again, but in the realm of personal branding, social media, and marketing.

Shifting career later in life can be scary, learning to repackage your skills and build a new network and client base was daunting, but so worth the risk. One of my mantras I try to live by is Risk Vs Reward. Is the risk of something worth the reward, and in this case it was.

How has marketing/communications helped the organisations you’ve worked for?

My marketing and communication skills have 100% helped me when working with organisations and clients. I have managed to combine my previous background in front of the camera with my arts marketing and entertainment journalism skills to help creatives, performers, and freelancers with their marketing.

I know what they are going through and I am able to provide a 360 look at the entertainment industry. Helping them with making sure their in-person performance or audience presence matches their online presence, helping them with a marketing strategy, and how to implement it and helping them with securing press and being media trained to handle it.

What challenges have you overcome on your professional journey to where you are today?

For me, one challenge was to touch base with my old audience and clients from being a performer and getting them to see me in the light of a media and entertainment specialist.

Coming from an industry that is so visual with the value of your skills being placed on the work you do; ‘you are only as good as your last job.’ It took a while, but once people saw that my previous skill were an asset to my new line of work and that I could help them to secure the work they wanted I crafted a successful niche in the industry.

People now come to me to help with marketing themselves, creating eye-catching content and running marketing and paid advertising campaigns to advertise their shows or services.

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone starting out in the marketing/communications industry?

Be confident in the skills and knowledge you have, but do not be scared to ask for help or guidance. Do that internship or work placement, ask to buy someone a coffee to discuss the industry, do courses and ask for feedback.

Marketing and communication is an industry that is always changing and evolving, so you have to stay on your game, bring what you can to the table, and be on top of trends and what your clients need.

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