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Where are you based?

What job do you do?
XITE Energy – Senior Marketing Manager

How did you get into marketing/communications?
I studied a 4 year Marketing course at UWE Bristol. With varied interests in different areas from a young age, I chose Marketing as a career path as it allows flexibility to go inbetween different industries, and still enables you to be creative in your field.

What are you most proud of in your career as a marketing/communications professional?

Joining XITE Energy in a senior role has allowed me to effectively work on any areas I find interesting. ‘Marketing’ can be so broad, so in a lot of companies you join in a specific division, from data research to digital SEO. Working at XITE among a young team, has meant I’ve been able to skill up in digital, content creation, brand strategy, SEO, website creation, events co-ordination, graphic design and pretty much any area of Marketing you can think of. As the team has grown from a start up company to an SME, I now specialise on our events and OOH activations.

We are still learning as a team, as we are by far from reaching the desirable level of brand awareness (most people haven’t heard of us still), but it’s been so rewarding to see the business grow since 2018 as we build the brand, and more and more retailers are taking an interest in our ethos and our story.

How has marketing/communications helped the organisations you’ve worked for?

Contrary to opinions, Marcomms is certainly what wins hearts and minds. Sales and business ops are at the core, and vital for business growth. What good Marketing comms does, or should do, is build the ‘brand value’. It’s what makes a standard pair of jeans worth £80 instead of it’s cost price around £10. XITE Energy is innovative with it’s product with “ahead of the curve” cognitive nootropics, healthy ingredients such as green coffee bean extract, and delicious refreshing flavours, but that only goes so far.

At XITE Energy it’s still early days, but we’re hoping that people really enjoy the product, but even more they resonate with our brand, our exciting story and what we’re trying to achieve with business as a force for good.

What challenges have you overcome on your professional journey to where you are today?

I did a 13 month work placement within the global communications team at Intel Corporation UK. It was really insightful to the world of tech, and being part of a leading blue chip company it was great to own projects and work with agencies to deliver events and work with journalists to create ‘on brand’ experiences.

Working for XITE in FMCG is obviously a whole different ball game, with small budgets, and trying to tackle PR with minimal brand awareness as a small brand has been really tricky. You find that not a lot of publishers want to work with you to help share the news as you grow, so it’s very chicken and egg at times!

As time has gone on, authenticity and ethics have been at the heart of everything we do, so our network is growing, and more and more people are wanting to be a part of that now, including retailers! So there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone starting out in the marketing/communications industry?

Be authentic. Nothing speaks louder in Marketing Communications than being genuine and about who you are as a brand. Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the ‘buy this product’ narrative. But real brand worth comes from your real story, the people that are a part of your brand identity, and your values.

Think of the brand as a person – with it’s own personality, it’s own values and it’s own story. People like other people not because they’re a human, but because of what they do, their experiences and what their interests and values are.

And if you’re just starting out/ looking for work – it’s very much a case of building your network – LinkedIn is definitely your friend for that.

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