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Where are you based?
Lake Como, Italy

What job do you do?
I’m Head of Marketing at Lakeside Real Estate, an Italian real estate agency based on Lake Como, northern Italy.

How did you get into marketing/communications?
I’ve studied Multimedia Communications in my Bachelor and Marketing in my Master, and I’ve started quite soon to work on the field. McLuhan’s Understanding Media is a book that somehow changed my life right in the first years of University: I felt in love with the peculiar identity of each single media, and – with the typical impetuosity of that age – I wanted to make experiences as soon as possible in all of them. I started with a short internship as speaker in a local radio, then I’ve been a brand promoter, I worked in an important TV channel, then I jumped into the newspapers and magazines world.

What are you most proud of in your career as a marketing/communications professional?

I’ve always been a born storyteller, I love writing and basically tell stories.
I was a bit frustrated in my previous jobs because I dealt exclusively with numbers on Excel, that we all know is INCREDIBLY powerful, but I confess – day after day it was killing my creativity. Now I do what I love most: telling (digital) stories about properties. I feel proud when I see a house of our portfolio that is communicated exactly as it deserves, with images and words that express its soul exactly as it is. I think that should be the ultimate goal of any content marketer, and that’s even more true in a hyper competitive field like real estate.

How has marketing/communications helped the organisations you’ve worked for?
The real estate agency I work for is my sister’s one. She’s an incredible entrepreneur with an endless passion for her work, but when I joined her business I realized she had never had time (because in small businesses it’s often just a matter of time) to sit down and put in writing all her values, her vision, her USP, her dreams. It was a pity that such a great passion wasn’t communicated properly.
Somehow, I have turned her energy into words: little by little I helped her defining the “soul” of the agency. The identity was already there, but it was a nebula out of focus. One day I told her: “People won’t remember what you do/sell, but WHY you do it. So, why you do what you do?”. That was actually the starting point of my communication and content marketing plan.
The result of almost 2 years of branding? We won the award as Best Real Estate Agency Single Office of Italy 2019/2020 at the European Property Awards in London. Not bad at all.

What challenges have you overcome on your professional journey to where you are today?
The first challenge is ridiculously real: no one believed in the value of a bachelor in Communications when I chose it after college in 2008. All my friends chose Law or Medicine; my mother wasn’t even able to describe what I decided to study. I assume that was because I’m from a tiny village of the province, but it’s been frustrating to see my friends laughing hearing me saying “Today’s exam has been really tough”. My bachelor’s nicknames have always been “Science of chips” and “Science of snacks”. Nice, isn’t it?
The second challenge was when I left a big company and a 4-years job in Milano to join a small business in the province of Como. I’ve been told I was crazy: I was leaving a long-term contract in the first publishing company of Italy, I was giving up a lot of benefits that only a big company could grant me… all true, on paper. But I was 28 and I knew – paraphrasing The Great Beauty – that I couldn’t waste time doing things I didn’t want to do anymore. Now I work 6 days out of 7 until late in the evening, but I I would never swap the energy that makes me go to work every day with the drowsiness of my old comfort zone, where I worked for whole days on turnover analyses in Excel.
Now I can visit a Belle Epoque villa on the water’s edge, fill my eyes with beauty and go back to my desk to communicate it with my digital marketing tools. I feel lucky and grateful.

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone starting out in the marketing/communications industry?
Make experience in as many branches of the communication as possible, especially if you want to deal with content marketing!
I keep saying that all good marketers have a certain restlessness in their veins, and have a kind of obsession for learning new things in different businesses and from different professionals.
Crucial tip: read as much as possible, in every moment you can (on the bus, at the traffic light, when you wake up, in your tub) and whatever you have to hand (books, newspapers, blog posts, labels, instructions, WHATEVER) to stay creative. You’ll never run out of new ideas!

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