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Where are you based?

What job do you do?
Communications Manager at Smunch

How did you get into marketing/communications?

I worked in hospitality for quite a few years until I reached a point where I felt I needed a sabbatical. My company wouldn’t give me time off, so I stunned them by quitting my job in order to travel.

While on the road I had the idea of doing some writing to increase the travel budget. What started as a ‘silly idea’ soon become unexpectedly successful and I found myself creating all kinds of content on various topics for companies from all over the world.

Since I’d quit my previous job, my return to Berlin felt like opening a new, blank page. I suddenly realized I could do whatever I wanted. Who said I had to return to my old trade, when I enjoyed Content Writing so much more?

I gave myself three months to find a job in Content Marketing, or else I’d apply in hotels again. It took me less than three weeks to find something, and within a month of touching down in Berlin I was sitting at my new desk.

Smunch hired me as a Content Marketing allrounder to create landing pages, set up a blog, work out a social media strategy, do all things SEO, make new marketing material, etc. etc. Within half a year I turned from a Content Manager into a Communications Manager, adding PR, Events and Branding to my list of duties.

Was it stressful? Yes. Was it rewarding? Definitely! Through sheer luck I’d landed myself a position where I could do everything from scratch – including creating the Content and Communication Strategy or defining the Brand Voice. What better way to learn?

Communications is a daily rollercoaster where you juggle creativity and strategy as well as passion and planning. But really, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m glad that life put me where I am.

What are you most proud of in your career as a marketing/communications professional?

To be honest, I’m just really happy whenever someone looks at all the different content we have. People often ask, “Hey, cool, who created that?” and I get to say, “Me”. Or “Hey, I didn’t know we had that” and I say “Of course we do!”.

How has marketing/communications helped the organisations you’ve worked for?
When a company is still really new and small, being a the right place at the right time can be an absolute breakthrough. This could either be attending the right event and been seen by the right crowd, or being featured in a major newspaper or on a thought-leader’s blog. Over time I’ve developed a good notion for where to place us, and a strong network too. That’s priceless!

What challenges have you overcome on your professional journey to where you are today?

Oh, there were a few. I think the biggest may have been finding my first few clients. How do you start when you have no portfolio and no recommendations? (Full disclosure: I approached companies directly offering a free trial – “you only pay for my first task if you’re happy with the result!”).

It was similar with building up a journalist networking and getting our name mentioned by the media. As soon as you can say that you have been featured by a major player in the industry, it’s much easier to reach out to people and get connected.
Once you’ve got a foot in the door, the rest is easy. But getting the foot there is hard.

Do you have any words of wisdom for someone starting out in the marketing/communications industry?
Get those newsletters. I know they can be annoying as hell, but there are new trends every day. It’s crucial that you keep up with what’s happening in your field to keep your reputation as an expert. 🙂

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