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Creating a content calendar is the bread and butter of any modern business. By producing topical content your customers are kept engaged, giving your business an edge in the loyalty and longevity department.


Giving your team direction


Planning your content means your team will have a sense of direction and are all on the same page, whether you’re creating blogs, social media posts, email campaigns or press releases. Using a calendar to do this gives you a birds eye view of your content for a set amount of months, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.

Coming up with ideas for your content can be challenging, particularly when trying to stay relevant in your industry. Aligning your content around awareness days could take this pressure off.


Celebrating popular causes


Events such as International Women’s Day or Earth Day will have high coverage on social media, a fantastic opportunity for your business to create content around them. Releases on these days means you can engage in the conversation and encourage your content to create more engagement on the platform you share it on, it’s all about making the most of the digital buzz!

Don’t forget, it’s much easier to join a conversation rather than start your own. By engaging with awareness days you’re able to join in with an ongoing dialogue which has an increased chance of being recognised and appreciated by your customers. Also, if you’re stuck for ideas on what content to release it can be useful to use awareness days to spark your imagination!


Brand building


It’s important for you and your customers that your brand aligns its values with popular causes, and creating content around awareness days achieves this. Social media posts or blogs on issues that your customers are invested in means you’re able to ‘show’ what your brand believes in, rather than just ‘telling’ them.

That’s why we’ve developed a content calendar on our platform. It comes pre-populated with a bunch of popular UK awareness days to spark ideas for you to engage with your customers on topical content, helping you gain maximum reach. It also allows you to upload your own campaigns into the release schedule and share this with colleagues, so as a team you can make sure you’re consistent with your uploads. If you’d like to make your own content calendar just sign up to for a premium account here or log in to to start accessing this handy feature!

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