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Hootsuite is the best communications connector you may not have heard of. Trusted by over eighteen million customers and employees, from small start ups to the big hitters of business, Hootsuite is at the heart of all their connections. They are global leaders in social media management, with the power of human connection at their core.

1. Save time by scheduling your social posts

A strong social media presence is at the heart of any modern-day business, with the demands for content continuing to grow. This can be time demanding. Hootsuite allow you to save precious seconds by scheduling social media content across a range of platforms, so your business can maintain a 24/7 social media presence. You can upload or schedule hundreds of messages at once. If you find yourself struggling with the demands of social media for your brand, Hootsuite could be the way forward.

2. Plan your content with ease using an interactive planner

Social media content can take some organisation and planning. Hootsuite makes life so much simpler with their interactive planner. Check on your scheduled posts on various platforms and collaborate with others and streamline their approvals on this easy to use tool. You can see from the image how straightforward and easy to navigate it is.

3. Find and schedule content as you surf

Waste no time, as the Hootlet extension lets you instantly post or schedule interesting content from across the web. You won’t have to log in to your social accounts either. At just the click of a button, you’ll have content ready to go, saving yourself the hassle of a more drawn out process.

4. Monitor your filters

Keeping tabs on important conversations is vital for the growth of your brand. With Hootsuite, you can find and filter social conversations by keyword, hashtag and location. Keeping you up to date with what people are saying about your brand, competitors and the industry.

5. Monitoring Apps

Follow and capture more conversations with a wide selection of monitoring apps. Check everything from reviewing site ratings to tracking the tone of voice, keeping everything brand focused. This is just one of a range of tools Hootsuite provides to help you stay in line with your marketing objectives.


There you have it, five things you didn’t know about Hootsuite. You can’t argue with the success of the company, they provide inspiration for brands such as ourselves, especially in the communications and content industry. Take a look at what they offer for yourself and take your social media to the next level.

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