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Want to sign up and get started with us here at Branswer? This blog will give you all the information you need to know when getting started with us, so you can get settled in and crack on using our site to help you maximise the content you produce for your business.

One of core values here at Branswer is simplicity, which is exactly how we’ve set up our sign up page.

To access this, simply go to and you will see in the top right corner ‘sign up’. This will take you to our sign up page. It should look like this.

This page will have all the information you need on what we do to help make content writing easy, simple and effective for yourself, should you be unsure. Simply scroll down the page where you will be greeted with an option to register with us, as seen below.

Now, this is as simple as signing up should be for most sites. All you need to fill out is your name, easy. Your email address and password, easy, as well as answering our human verification question, hopefully this should be easy! Have a quick read of our terms and conditions and privacy policy and tick the box once you’re happy. If you would like monthly content writing advice from us, make sure to tick that box as well.

You may have noticed that this is a free month’s trial before your account upgrades to premium membership. No need to worry, this can be cancelled anytime, and you won’t be charged until your free trial ends. However, we strongly recommend you take advantage of access to our full premium features for the month, such as our blog writing tool, press release tool and our tone and readability functions. This way you can get a real flavour for the support and tools we offer and decide whether to continue with the premium membership or downgrade to free forever, whatever suits you best.

You can downgrade, cancel your subscription, or switch to a new plan any time you like. For more information on memberships, check out our which membership is right for you blog.

Now you’re signed up, lets take a quick tour of our dashboard and run you through the tools we provide to help your content writing.

You can see above the layout of our dashboard and our features so let’s get started with ‘your brand’. This is your online personal branding canvas, with a range of categories and characteristics regarding your brand for you to fill out. This way everything you and others need to know is in one, accessible, easy to read place which can be downloaded. There is a video and some advice from us to help guide you in the right direction.

Next up is our ‘blog’ tool. This is a great method to produce content more efficiently and effectively. Simply fill out in the boxes on screen such as one sentence to describe your blog, what people need to know most from it, your call to action (CTA) as well as the contents of it. Then leave it to us to analyse, and we’ll give you the necessary feedback to see if it’s in line with your brand.

We also have a great copywriting tool. For more detailed information on this, check out our how to blog. Keeping it short and sweet, paste your content into the box provided and select the tones of writing you want to be analysed. Our analysis tool will look to detect these tones, the strength of them and provide the feedback necessary. Alongside this, it will also analyse your readability, focusing on sentence and paragraph length as well as the more technical Flesch reading score.

Finally, we also provide a press release feature to help you. This is extremely handy in gearing up your release to improve its effectiveness to meet the desired outcome. Our tool can focus on different variations of releases such as launches, events and news. It is similar in a few aspects to our blog tool, requiring you to fill out information about the release, but more geared to press releases with options to embargo as well as a place to fill out the all-important details to supplement the release.


And just like that, you’re ready to get started. Signing up with us and navigating our dashboard is simple and easy to use and we look forward to teaming up with you!

Ready to get writing? Click here to return to your dashboard.