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Which membership is right for me? Good question! Well, this blog will give you the lowdown on our membership options, the benefits of each plan, as well as all the important details. That way, you’re fully briefed on which membership is right for you. We look forward to teaming up with you, whether you’re an existing user or you’re new to our site.

Let’s begin by directing you to the sign up page. As you can see in the image above, all three of our membership plans are listed as follows: ‘free forever’, ‘premium annual’ and ‘premium monthly.’ You’ll see the benefits of each membership plan listed below, alongside their cost.

The free forever has fewer benefits available to you than either of our premium plans, but of course it comes at no cost to yourself. One of the benefits of the free forever plan is a personalised branding canvas, as seen below.

Our canvas makes it quick and easy to define your brand with a range of categories for you to fill out all your details so they’re in one accessible and easy to read place. Simply click on a box to get started, or if you need more information, each one comes with a question mark icon.

Clicking this will load a video and some advice from us to guide you in the right direction, and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to completing your canvas. Your canvas will automatically save as you go along and when you’re done, feel free to download.

Our personalised branding canvas tool is available to all memberships to help you build your brand, and receive some branding tips. These benefits are all the free forever membership has access to. However, what membership plan suits you best is entirely up to the needs of your brand. If free forever works for you, great – go ahead and sign up.

There are two premium plans, but with either one, you’ll still get access to all our premium features. The only difference between the two is how much you pay per month. If you pay monthly, it works out at £6 per month. Whereas if you pay annually, it works out at £5 per month, so you save yourself a nice annual discount.

Our premium memberships come with a month’s free trial in which you won’t be charged, so we recommend taking advantage of this to have a play around with our platform and get a feel for the features we provide, hopefully you’ll stick with us! As part of our premium membership, you have the chance to earn commission by referring people to sign up to our site. You can learn more about our affiliate programme here

These features include content writing tools which help you get writing faster, style and format your communications and measure your content against your brand’s tone of voice. All of these tools are geared to help you produce content on point with your brand and can be accessed through our dashboard.

Our blog tool is a great way to produce content quickly. Simply fill out the boxes on screen with prompts for each section of your blog. Then leave it to us to analyse it against your the tone of voice you set in your Branding Canvas, and we’ll give you the necessary feedback to see if it’s in line with your brand.

Another way we help you produce great content for your business is by analysing your writing through our copywriting tool. For more detailed information on this, have a read of our copywriting how to guide.

But in the short, paste your content into the text box provided and select the tones you’re aiming for. Our tool will then analyse this for you to see if your content matches up the tones selected, as well as analysing its readability with flesh reading scores and paragraph lengths for example. If you’d like to try these tools our yourself, sign up for a premium monthly or premium annual account. 

Our sign-up page also comes with a video explaining how we help, as well as some frequently asked questions regarding costs and downgrading your account etc. If your question isn’t covered, there is a contact us option and we’ll be more than happy to help and give you all the information you need.

Hopefully you’re now more informed on which membership is right for you, and you can either get started or continue to work on producing the best content possible for your business!