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Writing for your customers can be tricky. You need to be sure they’re interested so they stick around long enough to read the whole thing, and even if they do, they need to feel compelled to learn more about your company or fulfil some kind of call to action at the end. It’s a tough job but one that’s very rewarding if you can get it right. To help you out, we’ve created four tips to support your content writing. 

  1. Create compelling content

Compelling content is relevant when it addresses the needs and wants of your audience. Your content should be relevant, exclusive and affirm your brand. Your readers and audience should see your brand positively and consistently which needs to be shown through your content. A compelling content will resonate within your readers, engage with them and make them feel something (something positive, we hope!). Check out our post about creating a content plan to learn more about this. 

  1. Improve what you have

Effective writing will help people trust you and it’s a great way to promote your brand. You can improve your skills as a content writer by proofreading everything before publishing (multiple times if necessary!). Read more books, magazines, articles and blogs to help you adopt other writing skills that you can fit into your own work. Invest some time into taking some online writing courses or reading a few good marketing books. You can also read our post about Plain English and why it’s important in your content writing. 

  1. Identify and write for your audience

Your audience should be the root focus when creating your content. This will help you make good decisions about how to organise and illustrate your content according to the needs of your audience. It also helps you to establish your niche and concentrating on an audience can help you get the core messages out. If you haven’t yet defined your audience and your messages, click here learn more about our Branding Canvas and how this can help you do that. 

  1. Keep it simple

According to research, most people prefer short written articles and posts. Your readers have a short attention span and will only spend around 15 seconds on a post. Which means simple, quick content equals more effective marketing. Try to keep your content concise and easy to read. We’ve kept this in mind when we developed our blog writing tool, read more about how we can help you keep your blogs simple.

There’s a lot more to content writing than this but we hope we’ve given you enough to get started!

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