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Whilst we have a variety of fantastic tools on Branswer to help support your business and the content you produce, your own personal settings are just as important for you to be able to collaborate with us to maximise your business output.

With this helpful guide to your settings, you should be able to leave no stone unturned when it comes to business details, subscriptions and payments.

Firstly, get started by accessing the dashboard from our main site at, by clicking dashboard in the top right of the screen. You may already be familiar with the dashboard part of our site, but if not don’t worry. Simply access your settings by clicking profile in the top right of the screen. There is also a drop-down arrow that will take you directly to your settings, but these can also be accessed by your profile.

Once on your profile, you will see your first and last name, as well as email address already filled out for you. Additionally, below, there is the option, to alter your password. Should you wish to change these details, simply fill out your new ones in the boxes below and click save profile.

Now, you will see three options above your log in details, ‘Subscriptions’. ‘Payments’ and ‘About company’. We’ll start with subscriptions.

When you sign up to our site, you are presented with three subscription plans, ‘free forever’, ‘premium annual’ and ‘premium monthly’, all listed with the benefits and services we provide for each plan, such as a personalised branding canvas and online branding advice. For the sake of this how to guide, let’s use free forever.

On the subscriptions tab of your profile, you will see your selected subscription below, with headings above for subscription, date created, expires and card expiry. Now, if you’re happy with your current subscription, fantastic, but if you want to change, simply click change plan and select your preferred new plan.

You will then be taken to a page where you confirm your first and last name, and the terms of your new subscription will be stated above, such as “1 month for free then £60/year” for example. This works out at around £5 per month for the year paid in one sum, at a discount compared to paying monthly which is £6. From there, simply click sign up and begin to enjoy your new plan.

Moving on to payments now, and this is fairly self-explanatory. You will again see headings such as date, total (payment), membership, status as well as an invoice. This page is more to check your membership plan and payments, just to reassure you of all your details. If there are any issues, you will see below ‘Something not looking right? Let us know here.’ Simply click this link to follow up, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Last but certainly not least, let’s take a look at ‘About company.’ Clicking on this tab will load up your company details, all the important stuff people need to know. These details can be used for press releases for example, but they are an important contact base should anyone wish to contact you regarding your business.


There are two parts to this page, ‘about company’ and ‘press contact details’. At Branswer, simplicity is key and upon accessing this page, you’ll find it very easy to fill out all the important words and numbers. You will see on ‘about company’ an empty box to fill out your company’s name, as well as a text box to describe your company. You know your own company better than anyone, so this should be a doddle.  

‘Press contact details’ is just like adding a new contact on your mobile phone. Simply fill out your name, job title, phone number and email. There is also an option to provide two sets of contact details, so you can make yourself and your company as accessible as possible, just don’t leave that phone on silent!

When you’re done, click submit and just like that, all your personal settings are complete and updated. Remember, these can be updated at any time.

Settings might not be the most glamorous feature of our site, but it’s certainly just as important to make the most of the services we provide, and hopefully this how to guide will make understanding them just that bit easier for yourself.