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Here at Branswer, we’ve created a simple, easy to use, copywriting tool to really help you maximise your content to match the ethos and values of your brand. By following this simple how to guide, you can begin copywriting to make sure your content matches your brands voice.

At Branswer, we believe simplicity is key, and this is fundamental to our copywriting tool. You can access this by clicking dashboard in the top right corner of our homepage at Our dashboard gives you a variety of options, each designed to help you produce content to match up with your business values, such as ‘Your brand’ and ‘blog’, but in this instance we want to access the copywriting feature. A simple click of the mouse will take you to where the magic happens.

Upon accessing the copywriting feature of the dashboard, you will see a blank text box, with tools running horizontally along the top. Similarly to a blank Microsoft Word document for example, there are tools to change font size, bold, italics etc. So far, so good right? Now you can really get a feel for how simple, yet efficient and effective this tool is.


Simply paste your content into the text box by right clicking on the mark in the top left of the blank page and selecting ‘paste’. Once your text has appeared, scroll down and you will see a red box on the right-hand side of the page, which will ask you to ‘analyse tone’.

This requires a minimum of 100 words to analyse, so make sure to bare that in mind, but as we know you’re so passionate about your business, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Upon selecting ‘analyse tone’, a menu with a whole range of tones will appear. Simply select up to three that match your business and click ok and let our Al insights get to work analysing your blog. If you want to test this without using your own blog, you can use any text in which to analyse of your choosing. For example, I used a football match report from BBC Sport, with the tones ‘reflective’, ‘independent’ and ‘informative’.



It’s important for the copywriting tool to work effectively that the tones selected match up with the text used. Go ahead and select your tones, and within seconds you will have your feedback.

You will then see to the right-hand side of the text box sub headers of the tones you selected, with the feedback below as analysed by our technology. As you can see in the image, all three tones were detected but not very strongly. This is highlighted by the yellow exclamation mark, keep your eye out for this. To fully maximise the copywriting tool to match your content to your business you want to be hitting a clean sweep of greens, but yellow isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can also see below other tones that have been detected, which gives you more of an insight into your content.


Additionally, next to feedback on your tones, there is also an option to analyse your readability. Access this by clicking on ‘readability’ next to ‘tones’ above your feedback. You will then see sub headings such as ‘flesh reading score’ and ‘paragraph length’ as seen on the image with drop down arrows to give you more detail on different aspects of your readability. This will help you polish your content up into tip top shape.

As you can see, this is a really simple, yet fantastically and easily effective method of analysing your blogs. By following this helpful how to guide, you are now well on your way to producing the best content that your business deserves!