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Winning award nominations helps your business gain the recognition it deserves. It allows your customers to chose and stay loyal to your company while being an award nominated business increases your chances of developing and improving good rapport with clients.  So how do you win an award nomination?

  1. Find relevant awards in your industry where you have the most chance of winning

Choose business awards that compliment your strengths. There are thousands of marketing awards so being smart about which you apply for instead of applying for those recommended to you will increase your chances of winning by 20% before you even get the pen to the paper.


  1. Enter all relevant awards

Don’t agonise over which to apply for once you have identified your strengths. Winning awards is a number game, so it stands to reason that the more awards you are nominated for the higher your chances of winning are.

  1. Collect customer case studies and success stories to use for your award submissions

A customer case study is a showcase of the results you achieved for a customer. A collection of case studies and success stories is an excellent way to build content for your niche. It also allows your business to build trust with future clients. Also writing a case study showcases your competitive advantage as they allow your customers to point out what you do better than your competitors rather than you.

  1. Proofread application and share with the rest of the business

Proofreading is essential to ensure your application does not have minor or major grammar or spelling mistakes. Sometimes an incorrect grammar sentence can lower your chances of being nominated for an award or even winning said award. Sharing the application with your colleagues will help to make the award a team effort. Perhaps, even giving you a complete fresh set of eyes.

  1. Once you’ve won, use the fuel and carry it into the local press

After winning the award, let your local newspaper know. Being featured in the local press as an award – winning business will help you gain more publicity and give you acknowledgment among potential customers.

Step 1: Find a business achievement worth sharing

This could be anything from announcing a new product to reaching a significant milestone. That said, It’s crucial to make the story relevant to the journalist who will read it so be sure to add context. How does this impact the region or city? Is there a personal story you can share? Does this align with any news stories out already?

Step 2: Write an awesome press release

It’s really important to remember that the audience for a press release isn’t your customer or the public: it’s a journalist! And journalists are very short on time. Make their job simple by having the headline and first sentence get to the heart of your story. Make sure the rest of the article is well written, as they’ll use your press release for the article itself.

Step 3: Write more than one version of your press release

We know, this is annoying – but it’s crucial. If you’re going to send out your press release to different types of journals (i.e. business, industry, regional and local outlets), then you need to make each one tailored to its audience. It’s also incredibly useful from an SEO perspective since Google will consider variations of the same press releases as separate links from reputable sources.

There you have it! We can’t guarantee your story will be covered but it’s good to try. When it does get covered, giving out multiple versions of your press release is a wonderful way for Google to recognise you as an industry leader featured on multiple reputable websites.