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1. Show yourself as an expert

Branding yourself as an expert is key to developing your marketing career. It will allow potential future clients to view you as someone they want to work with. You can show yourself as an expert in your niche by regular posting blog posts, writing your own press releases, join forums or discussions where you can position yourself as an expert.

2. Attend networking spaces

Networking spaces allow you to build your contacts and meet future clients. By attending networking spaces, you allow your business to associate with people related to your target audience and gain insights into future trends, trade disputes, and possible solutions. Networking is particularly great for small businesses as you can expand your knowledge and expertise by learning from the success of others. An effective and resilient network can help your business flourish.

3. Develop a strong digital presence

In the current digital era, the business needs to keep up with the latest technology if they want to survive in the competitive industry. Online presence changed the dynamic of consumerism by allowing you to connect with existing customers directly and allowing new customers to access you and your services. You can create professional profiles for your business on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, a website and many more social media but do remember to have a strong digital presence, you will need to actively manage each profile so they say up to date.

4. Be aware of the latest trends

Keeping up to date with the latest trends helps build credibility, value, and shows where your field is heading and to understand the needs of existing customers. Being aware of the trends can identify new opportunities, change market trends and help recognise new areas for improvement. You can appear up to date and trendy.

5. Nominate yourself for a marketing award

Nominating yourself for an award is a great opportunity for small businesses. It shows good communication within your company and it is a motivational and confidence booster. It takes courage to nominate yourself for an award however your business will be taken more seriously if you are shortlisted or even win the award. A nomination can set you apart from your competitors and push you out of your comfort zone. You can read more on how to nominate yourself for an award

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