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Affiliate Programme

Fancy earning money while helping Branswer grow? Of course you do! This blog will give you the rundown on our affiliate programme, how you become a part of it, what benefits you earn and explain how it works. So how do you become a part of our affiliate programme?...

Which Membership is right for me?

Which membership is right for me? Good question! Well, this blog will give you the lowdown on our membership options, the benefits of each plan, as well as all the important details. That way, you’re fully briefed on which membership is right for you. We look forward...

4 Tips to Write Content for Customers

Writing for your customers can be tricky. You need to be sure they’re interested so they stick around long enough to read the whole thing, and even if they do, they need to feel compelled to learn more about your company or fulfil some kind of call to action at...

James Kingsley

After earning his bachelors degree in Journalism, James Kingsley realised that he didn’t want to be a journalist. To test the waters, James ventured into marketing – and hasn’t looked back since.

Anastasia Khizhnyakova

Anastasia Khizhnyakova is responsible for promoting new products and keeping her community informed of company news, here Anastasia takes time out to tell her story.