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Ripl is a simple, effective and easy to use social marketing video creator. Available to use on desktop, and through a handy ios and android app, Ripl is perfect for creating stunning, engaging and shareable multimedia visuals on the fly and in no time at all. Scoring a 4.8 out of 5 on the Apple app store, and accompanied by 5.1k reviews, this widely popular marketing app has helped billions of small businesses rank up their marketing since being founded in 2015.

There are two levels of app availability, the free and the paid. But no matter which level you choose, the premise of the app is simple and is the same (You just loose a few function if you stick with the free version). Once signed up and logged in, a variety of pre-themed videos are available to edit and share right away. You can upload pictures and change the background, re-write the text, and also choose from a selection of audio tracks and animations to really bring the visual to life. 

Or, you can start form scratch and design your own theme and upload your own media to use. In the paid version you can fix your logo, and any other information you want regularly featured, in position. This means that every time you log in, and no matter if you start form scratch every time or select a  theme here and there, your fixed information will be present already – so there’s no need to constantly have to place your logo etc. It does it for you which is pretty useful and time saving. 

When it comes to the text, as you would rightly expect, you can change the fonts, sizes and colors etc. but one thing you can’t do is add more text. There are only two text options, primary and secondary which reflects the fact that this app is for making standalone and shareable social media visuals – It’s not for creating text heavy flyers, letter or documents.  

When it comes to sharing your work you have 3 formatting options; to share in full HD, standard video or to share as an image only. This feature is useful when it comes to content planning, as you can create wonderful videos and and images simultaneously, and then go on to share/ schedule them directly onto your social media platform when you link Ripl across. 

Ripl is what it is, a social marketing app focused on being just that. It’s not got the bells, whistles complex functions of the likes of canva, but it’s got what you need to create and share conveniently. 

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