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Monday 19th August is World Photography Day and to help your customers celebrate, here are 3 content ideas you can write about.

Whether your customers are snapping candid promotional pics for the business’s instagram, or organising a complete flat-lay shoot to showcase their products on the web; photography is an invaluable tool for businesses, and your customers need to be using it daily.

1. Photography supports your business
Writing a blog on how photography can support your customers’ business is a great way to celebrate World Photography Day. Everybody likes to see what they’re buying, whether it’s a physical product or a representation of service, photography is a sure-fire way to do that. But it’s not just to show a business’s offering – it’s also great for creating an aesthetic of the business. Give your customers some encouragement to use photography to support their business goals. 

2. Simple but effective photography tips
Sharing a blog post on the best photography tips would make a handy guide for your customers. We’ve listed a few to get you started:

Tip 1: The first rule is composition. It’s important to understand the composition of your picture, so you can balance the framing just right. A simple way to achieve great composition is to follow the rule of thirds. Split your frame into nine equal sections and align your subject(s) within the lines and intersections of the grid.

Tip 2: Backgrounds are a great opportunity to enhance a picture, so it’s important to get it right. Of course, if you’re doing a flat-lay you may not want to use a bold or bright background, so opt for a subtle muted colour, and introduce some complementary props.

Tip 3: The next simple rule is colour. You’ll want to make sure that all your colours work together within the frame, whether you’re opting for a snazzy background or not. Colours are the first thing that attracts attention, but jarring and clashing ones can turn attention away.

3. Photography enhances your visual identity
Encourage your customers to use photography to help their brand. A key aspect of branding is a business’s visual identity. Photography is a great communication tool to share that identity. Encourage your customers to use photography as a way to engage their customers and build their brand.  

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