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Your Branswer Branding Canvas is your plan for your brand, and it’s the perfect way to help define it. The canvas itself is a snippet of everything that you want your brand to stand for, to encompass and to value – and it’s spread out before you in one single document. Your branding canvas is situated on your dashboard in the “Your Brand” section and can be accessed and modified at any time.

When you log into your Branswer for the first time, you’ll need to fill out your Branding canvas. Below is a breakdown on how to do this.

Brand Promise
Your brand promise is what makes you unique from your competitors. It might be a good idea to pull out that dusty competitor analysis or do a quick SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) before you define your brand promise. What makes your offering unique can be a variety of things: from where you sell your product to the skills your team have. Keep it simple by making your brand promise one sentence.

This is all about where you communicate and connect with your customers.
Digitally, in person, or in-store – there’s plenty of ways to find and communicate with your customer group.
It’s important to find the channels your customers use. We recommend doing a bit of research based on their demographics to see which platform is popular for that group.
If you find you’re not getting the kind of response you’re looking for you can change your content or try a different channel.

Once you have an idea of where you’ll communicate with your customers you can start to think about the kind of content you’d like to share with them. Context is king for this one. Remember your audience and your channel. Sometimes a video might be right for one channel and not another.

Use this as an opportunity to brainstorm stories you’d like to share with your customers that support your brand promise and brand essence.

Your vision is the destination. You’re trying to solve a problem, so what does the world look like when that happens?

Aim for the stars and be really vivid; a vision should be powerful and ambitious, so go for golf and layout exactly where you want your brand to be.

Your mission is the vehicle to get to your vision.
How are you going to reach your destination?
What about your product/service will deliver your ultimate goal?

Your customers should be at the heart of everything you do which is why we’ve put them in the centre of the canvas. We recommend selecting one customer segment to work on. If you don’t know who that is, then think of your ideal customer.

If your customers are other businesses, then think about the people you need to attract within those businesses. You can describe your segment by defining characteristics for them like the ones shown here. Not all characteristics will be important for your customer group and you can always include a few of your own!

What’s their gender? What age group are they in?
What’s their profession? What kind of income do they have?
Where are they located? What are they interested in?

People respond to people and your business is made up of people. What was it about them that made you think you could work together? The same applies to your customers – if you truly want to help your customer solve their problem then you need to find values that will resonate with them.

What kind of behaviors are they expecting from you? Should you be professional or laid-back? Friendly or informative? Bold or patient?
It’s a good idea to come up with two or three values that you’d like your business culture to represent.

Once you’ve defined your business’s values you can now think about how to communicate them. Just like your employees use a certain tone and language based on their personality, so too does your business.

If your business’s value is to be professional; then what tone should you have? Try to be specific – so don’t say professional – say the constituent parts of what makes that characteristic: formal and respectful.

Brand essence
This is where we get the feels. Your brand essence is basically the core belief and feeling of your business.

It’s the ‘why’ for what you’re doing – outside of ‘I want to earn lots of money’. Why do you think the world needs your service or product?
What kind of solution will it bring?

Your brand is what your customers see when they think of your business. People think it’s just an image when really it’s everything you communicate to your customers. We’ll help you connect everything together in our simple branding canvas.