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To get started, log into your Branswer account.

Or, if you’re new around here, you’ll need to create an account and follow the onscreen instructions to fill out your Branding Canvas.

When you’re up and running, go to your dashboard and click on the Press Release tool. Once clicked, you’ll be taken straight into the tool where you’ll find a selection of options. Here you can tailor your writing experience to match the reason your writing your press release. For example, if it’s an upcoming product launch that you’re writing about – click the product option. If it’s just a general press release then select general, etc.

No matter which option you select, the next question you’ll be asked is whether or not your press release is to be embargoed or not. If it is to be embargoed then enter the release date in the box that will pop up below your answer. If it’s not to be embargoed, then jump straight into summarising your press release and create an engagingly explanatory title for your press release.

Next, it’s time to write your press release. Don’t forget to include all the important details such as times, people and places. Just follow the tips in each section and you can’t go wrong, but also check out our ‘How to Write a Press Release’ blog for some tips on how to write a simple but effective press release.

Once you’ve written your press release, it’s now time to add your business contact details and the press contact details into the mix. Just enter the required details and don’t forget to upload your company logo.

Now you’re almost ready to publish, but just before you do it’s time to analyse your press release and make sure that all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted, and also this is where the magic happens. Once you click the analyse button, the next page you’ll see that branswer has already formatted your press release for you! (Internal yay’s and whoo’s are heard and appreciated) But don’t worry, if you need to tweak a few sentences you can still do so here.

Now you the option to either download your press release as it now, or you can check out the finer details by analysing the tones within your press release, to give you that outsider perspective on the work you have produced before sending it out. If you choose to analyse tone (by pressing the analyse tone button), you’ll see a box appear on the right-hand side of your screen advising a selection of tones that Branswer has found.

Along with the tone, Branswer will also tell you the strength of the tone and whether or not you are on brand. Branswer measures this information via a simple colour chart (Green is great, Orange is good, and Red is poor). You’ll also have the option to check out the readability of your press release, which is also measured via the colour chart.

That’s it! You’re ready to download your press release and tell the world your news. If you’re not ready to download it just yet, you can save your press release and come back to it later. Branswer will email you a link, which will bring you right back to where you left off.