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Since it’s inception in 2015, the international day of yoga is observed on the 21st of June annually, after India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, suggested the date in order to coincide with the northern hemispheres longest day of the year.

Yoga Day, as it is informally referred to, recognises the historic practice of Yoga, it’s potential to influence positive mental health and overall wellbeing, alongside celebrating its direct influence on spiritual development.
To help your readers celebrate the day, we have 3 inspiring content topics for you to investigate, develop further and share.

1. Group Yoga

Despite Yoga traditionally being viewed as a solitary activity, group Yoga sessions are now common in cities and towns around the world and are often used daily to bring in a bit of zen before the working day begins. The benefits of group yoga rival the solo activity by allowing the practice to be available to those who struggle with keeping it apart of their daily routine. By practicing as a part of a group, beginners are also more likely to take up the practice and learn via imitation. There is also something to be said for the infatuating energy which is produced by a group yoga session. By the end of the practice, participants are leveled on the same energy page and can form deeper connections to the practice.

Group Yoga is a fantastic exercise that can easily be brought into workplaces and used as a form of team building.

2. Positive mental health and Exercise

Within the practice of yoga, exists many different varieties of yoga which all utilise various techniques and exercises. But one thing that all forms of yoga have is the ability to make a positive impact on the performers mental health. Not only does yoga focus the mind and help to work out overwhelming thoughts, but it also helps the performer to work out the rest of their body too. Although at beginner level the moves are simplistic and available all novices, as the performer moves up through the level the intensity increases and can end up producing quite a vigorous workout that helps to tone the body, stretch and improve flexibility.

3. Spiritual Improvements

Yoga is a great practice to improve physical and mental health, but it is also a valid tool which is used in spiritual growth and development. During regular practice, the aim is to be at peace and everything within the session is designed to help the performer be just that. From the rhythmic beats of soft delicate music to the enlighten and engaging scents of pure essential oils, each aspect of a is placed within the space to enhance growth and raise personal spiritual awareness.

The historic practice of yoga stems from an aim and desire to grow spiritually, but it is a very personal aspect of the practice and there is no readily available format to achieving successful spiritual growth. It takes time, patience and ultimately an understanding of the reasons why spiritual growth is desired

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