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To celebrate our 1 year anniversary of They Do comms, we have categorised and highlighted a few of our favourite submissions to reflect and celebrate your Marketing and Comms success too!

Best They Do Comms Story
In this category, we have selected our top 5 journeys that have inspired us and taught us that our careers are rarely linear!

Teresa Potocka

Vicky Pulman

Brenda Gabriel

Vee Roberts

Sophie Lorford

Best Words of Wisdom
Everyone who submitted a story had great advice, but these submissions gave the best inspiring advice for future comms and marketing professionals.

Katrina Rohman

Andy Vale

Ali Marsland

Mahnoor Hussain

Sarah Lloyd

Best Non-comms Communications/Marketing Person
Communications isn’t reserved for just comms or marketing professionals. We were impressed by the stories of business owners who learned how important these tools are for their growth and how they taught themselves the tricks of the trade.

Samanah Duran

Newaz Chowdhury

Kalina Halatcheva

Carly Thompsett

Matt Freeman

Best Entrepreneurial Communications/Marketing Person
This category recognises the brave comms and marketing professionals who made the plunge to start their own agencies and businesses.

Hannah Rowe

Anu Ramani

Susan Hay

Charlotte Moor

Cat Tierney

Best Communications/Marketing Professional
This category recognises the amazing stories we’ve had the privilege to read from professionals around the world who are working in the marketing and communications departments.

Jessica Lang

Kashif Naqshbandi

Rob Weatherhead

Kerry Sheehan

Emma Knightly

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a They Do Comms story over the past year, we can’t wait to read more!

If you have a They Do Comms story to tell, you can share it here