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Samanah Duran

After originally wanting to become a Tv Presenter, Samanah Duran soon realised that she had a strong desire to pursue her own path and not to climb the corporate ladder. Now self-employed, Samanah explains her journey to where she is now.

Jessica Lang

After interning with her current employer straight after finishing university, Jessica Lang’s marketing and communications skill set soon expanded. Here, Jessica explains her journey so far as she steps further into the industry.

Hannah Rowe

After falling into marketing and communications during her first post-graduate job in Financial Services, Hannah Rowe wasted no time in picking up her CIM qualifications, which subsequently have enabled her to become a freelancing marketeer. Here, Hannah discusses more.

Anthea Morris

After starting her career as an accountant, Anthea Morris soon found out how the role of a marketer can be intertwined into most industry sectors. Now, as the co-founder of one of the worlds largest private providers of sexual health testing services, Anthea explains more.