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Tech Tools Talk brings to you a review of a new tech tool each week that is helping business’ around the world. Today, we look at our very own Branswer.

Sleek, simple and friendly — these are words that our useres have used to describe our awsome communication tool platform Branswer.

From helping you lay out your business aims, objectives and target audience to helping you to write awsome blog posts and engaging press releases, our aim at Branswer is to keep your communications on brand at all times.

Firstly, within each of our communication tools we provide you with multiple layouts for the various genres of writing you may do, so wheather your writing a news article, a bunch of how-to-articles or a lenghtly editorial and interview, Branswer provides the framwork for you to demonstrate your skills and written creativity.

And that’s not all we do! At the end of your writing you can use our analysis tool to analyse your writing and we will tell you if its consistant with your Branding Canvas….

Branding canvas for your business's brand

“Wait, my what?”

One of the most important features of Branswer is your Branding Canvas! Its a blank canvas we have designed to help get you thinking about what your brand is, and we give it to you for free when you sign up. We get you thinking about who you are targeting, why you are targeting them and how they want to be targeted (we have a e-book to explain all this in more depth, which you can download here).

Once you have files of Brawnswer is your Branding Canvas. It acts like a pring board for the platform and  it’s yours to keep forever. You also officialy become apart of the Branswer tribe by earning your first badge, which you collect more of throughout your experience using Branswer!

And while you’re here with us, you’ll never be kept in the dark because scattered across our platform is helpful videos, infographics and blog posts to keep you aye-ok and right on track!

Running on tiered susbcription, Branswer offers you a free, but limited version of the platform, or you can access the premium model for an small cost. Either or, you still get access to the blog and you’ll be able to read all the articles that are shared over there.

Branswer uses a dash of AI with a splash of the human touch to create a sleek, simple and friendly user experiance, just as our current users say we do, so why not give it a try?

Branswer uses a dash of AI with a splash of the human touch to create a sleek, simple and friendly user experiance just as our current users say we do– so why not give it a try?