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Happy national employee appreciation day!
Today is for the ones who are sacrificing their time, energy and in some cases, happiness—and we salute you!
If you’re an employer, today is the day that you open the bubbly, pour everyone a glass of appreciation, and thank the people who are propping your business up– working hard to keep things ticking.

Since its conception in 1995, the National Employee Appreciation day has morphed into an unofficially official workplace holiday that is now recognized and celebrated on the first Friday of March each year within the UK, USA, and Canada. The main reason behind the day was to strengthen the bond between employer and employee, and in today’s modern world there are various ways to observe it.

From simple acts such as cutting the working day short and organising a team lunch to organising a full on fun day with team building exercises etc. The ways to show employee appreciation are endless, but just in case you weren’t aware of the day, here are some last minute ideas.

  • Order food for the staff
  • Cut the day short
  • Have an afternoon of activities
  • Go for a team walk
  • Go for a team coffee
  • Have an evening gathering
  • Create an award presentation
  • Send out an appreciation email
  • Brag about your awesome team on social media

However, it should be noted that while today (March 1st) is the unofficially official day of employee appreciation, employers shouldn’t bottle up the appreciation for just this day alone. Make a big effort to show employees that they are valued and appreciated every day! Say thank you often, give positive feedback after work completion and recognize the effort that people put into their job.By doing so, not only will team morale and employee happiness increase, but you will also be perceived as a better employer and will no longer be the punchline to passive aggressive workplace jokes. You’d also be a decent human-being by caring for the wellbeing of those you employ.
So switch the music on, get everyone up and celebrate the awesomeness of your employees!