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Have you ever heard the term ‘content plan’ and wondered what on earth is that? Well, wonder no more as Branswer is here to explain it simply.

Featuring either as part of a content marketing strategy or on its’s own, a content plan Is a plan for the content you wish to produce. It details what content you want to put out (or the jist of what you think your readers would want to read), how the content will impact the reader, when it will be published and on which platform it will sit.

Combine all of those key ingredients together and a content plan enables you to create a succinct plan of content that follows a clear theme that lays out an educational, entertaining an informative journey for your reader to follow across your blog (if thats your choice of media)

A Content Plan requires
• Prioritizing audiences (right people)
• Understanding what they really need or expect (right content)
• Being smart about when and where you share your content to meet them where they are or are likely to go (right times)

For example, if you plan to write an article talking about the language of love within business and you want to publish it in February through your blog, the justification of that would be that valentine’s day is in February, so the article will be a hot topic, and your blog is the media that reaches your audience best.

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