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Valentines Day is more than just roses and kisses or tissues and tears, it’s a day of appreciation for all things. For love, for life, for passion and emotion. If you look beyond the commercialised surface, you’ll find that the love of valentine is available all year round. According to Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages, there are five ways that couples show love to one another: gift giving, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and touch. These methods of showing appreciation can be modified and applied almost anywhere, especially in business to show your appreciation for employees or customers (NOTE: Except touch; that method stays exactly where it is and does not follow suit).

How many times have you received a free gift from a company alongside your order? That’s gift giving. How does it make you feel when a business tells you sincerely that they appreciate your custom and values your time with them in store or online? That’s both words of affirmation and quality time.

How about if a service didn’t go too well, maybe the product was broken when It arrived or you just weren’t satisfied at all? Any good business will endeavour to rectify a situation as cleanly and as quickly as possible, often resulting in giving out a freebee or an offer of some kind. Again, that’s gift giving, and usually it leaves the customer feeling listened to, feeling valued and feeling a sense of respect from the business.

That’s because the business is speaking in a language of love. They are tapping into the emotional responses to satisfy and appease customers enough to want to go back. From a business point of view, this extension of appreciation and understanding builds customer relationships and keeps people returning. It also builds a positive image and a good customer orientated culture for the business too.

It doesn’t mean that gifts have to be flying off the shelf all day every day, it just means that the next time you interact with a customer, speak to them In a language of love and show them just how valued they really are. 

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