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Streamlined, fast and full of optionality, Slack is the perfect communication tool for any on the go team.  

Described as “the place where work flows”, Slack has features such as group channels, direct messaging and video call functions that separates this communication platform apart from the rest. To put it simply it’s the workplace equivalent of WhatsApp that offers so much more.  

Its acronym of a name sums up Slack perfectly:   

It’s a… 

S earchable 
L og of 
A ll 
C ommunications and 
K knowledge 

Built as an intra-office messaging system, Slack is one of the fastest-growing workplace software apps. Just under three years into its launch back in 2013, Slack had already surpassed 2 million daily users. 6 years on and over 10 million people use Slack daily!

Paired with a push notification enabled mobile app and a desktop equivalent, Slack is a designated space where teams can communicate instantly no matter the time or place. The platform also keeps a clear record of what has been discussed, gone are the days of sifting through emails to string a conversation together. Slack funnels messages into manageable streams that all team members can easily view.  

Each channel created can be given a designated topic which helps to organise and separate direct work related chat and regular, but just as important queries such as “Anyone want a brew?” 

And for the most part it’s free! Of course, like many services, if you want a little extra or need more space then there is an option to pay to upgrade. But to start off, the free version is absolutely fine and works just as well.

John Sterry, a Slack user says: “Having the mobile app is great! it means that i can stay in touch with the team if i am out of the offcie and we can have different channels for each topic, so nothing gets mixed up”

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