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Kerry Sheehan

From being an established Journalist and then editor, Kerry Sheehan jumped the fence and now sits on the side of PR. Here, Kerry explains her ourney.

Newaz Chowdhury

After teaching himself what he needed to know in terms of marketing, Newaz Chowdhury needed to find a passion. Now, Newaz has found his passion in the form of his own business. Newaz Chowdhury explains.

Katrina Rohman

After leaving an admin post at a radio station, Katrina Rohman had a run of bad luck when it came to employment. But, after being made redundant 3x in 2 years, life suddenly changed for Katrina as she landed herself a Marketing job in the Hospitality and events industry, where she helped add £1 million to the business’ revenue. Katrina Rohman explains.

Ella Patenall

After utilising her writing and marketing skills for a side project, Ella Patenall was inspired to set up her own website whilst simultanously learning about SEO, which help Ella land her first job at a marketing agency as an SEO content writer, here Ella explains.

Vee Roberts

Whilst becoming a teen mum, Vee Roberts finished her school studies. She then worked in sales for 4 years before starting a degree in Marketing & Communications. Now, Vee runs her own marketing compnay.