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Sophie Lorford

After the birth of her daughter, Sophie Lorford ventured back into the world of work by joining a tech-start up. Since then, Sophie has moved on and grown from strength to strength, eventually landing herself the role of Head of Marketing.

Sarah Gray

After entering the Marketing field in school via Graphic Design, Sarah Gray took a further interest in Business Operations and Organizational Leadership and now fulfills the role of Marketing Management for Public Accountants.

Vicky Pulman

Witnessing her parents ceramics business rise from a cottage run operation to supplying retail giant John Lewis, sparked Vicky Pulman’s interest in business! Here, Vicky explains her journey.

Jim Ker

The Finance industry has suffered a great deal of turmoil within the last decade. But times are changing and the industry is re-shaping itself to reflect the customers and technological advances of 2018. We talk to marketing executive Jim Ker to find out more.