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Last night was the launch of our brand new They Do Comms’ Evening Event. Similar to the written equivalent, which you can browse here, the evening invited 6 guest speakers to deliver their stories to a live audience.  The event was well received by those in attendance and it provided  a unique, informal networking opportunity with nibbles to hand.

Richard Mitchie discussed how to measure the impact and success of marketing. He said, ” Understand market and what’s working and measure it. It’s important to know that it’s about supporting the sales team – you need to sell and you need to know how quickly things are moving”

“Whatever you’re doing you need to think customer first and think about that on the speed of the internet and social media.” He continued.

Jen Mak told us to remember the ‘why’ in our business’, “what are you trying to change?” She said,“I’ve tried and experimented and what I’ve learned through all of that is don’t be precious about it. You can control what you do but you can’t control how people perceive it”

Dave Young discussed how marketing has helped his business and Mihaela Gruia took us on the journey of her business ‘Research Retold’  reminding us all that “We can’t underestimate the power of information when people can understand it and use it’

And Nook Barnes rounded off the night by sharing how she uses design to help communicate technical and complex content. “Effective communication is not how well it is said it’s how well it is understood.”, She said .

Branswer would like to thank all who came to the event and a special thank you goes out to the guest speakers.


Join us at the next They Do Comms Evening Event on the 22nd November 2018.