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“Effective internal communications can do much more than manage and distribute information. It can foster a sense of community between employers and employees and cultivate relationships of trust that are essential for any team working toward a collective goal” (F.Wolf, 2018)

Internal communications is a notoriously sticky issue within many businesses today. The struggle of uniting teams within an organisation and getting everyone on the same working page is very real and often, as result of this lack of internal communication, mayhem can ensue quickly, putting many caffeinated adults on the verge of eruption at a moment’s notice.

Without clear internal communication wires can get crossed and things can go wrong very quickly, leaving everybody in the lurch and not really sure who is to blame.

Good Internal Communications leads to better team productivity

When good internal communication is effectively applied, it helps ensure that all members of the organisation, on all levels, are working collaboratively towards one common goal and are all heading in the same direction together. Nobody is left behind.

Clear internal communication helps to flourish a cohesive culture within the heart of the business, empowering employees to make the right decisions and encouraging them to fall in line with the business’ end goal. In turn, this leads to greater efficiency and better productivity.

“Good internal communication reinforces and helps to create a culture within business,” says Kayla Herbert, managing director of Branswer. “It’s extremely important to open up the internal communication channels within an organisation to reinforce the feeling of community and empowerment throughout the entire team.”

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