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Writing a blog post can be fun, creative and is actually quite useful for a business to keep their customers updated on what’s been happening lately. Its a designated space that can communicate any buinsess developments, any customer related important information or it can be use to house content written entertain. Keeping a blog is a popular form of media that is a fresh alternative route for communication and interaction between a business and customers. It’s far more creative than an email and it allows the customer to get to know the business in a relaxed informal way.

As of June 2018, the blogging platform Tumblr was home to upwards of 425 million active blogs alone, but how is a blog post written and what is a generic structure for it?

Begin with an extremely compelling headline

Your headline is the line of text that a reader will use to immediately decide if they are interested in what you have to say or not. A headline should describe exactly what you are discussing but should be creative enough to intrigue the reader in.

“The search engines love the headlines and a strong headline will not only attract Google, but will also compel your visitors and regular readers to read on”-(K .Mathews)  

Structure your body of text creatively

Be creative with the structure of your content. Switch things up and incorporate subheadings to break the text down and present it to your readers in a more digestible bite-size chunks. Remember, you don’t want to overload them.

Also try these 3 techniques to help give your text some structure. Intertwine a good mixture, but don’t over do it.

  1. Use numerals when listing important points, it is far more assertive and orderly. Use bullet points for separating other important points.
  2. Use relevant external links.They will boost your SEO and also add a new depth to you blog post, demonstrating that you have taken the time to research the topic you are discussing.
  3. Use relevant internal links. You have got the reader’s attention so why not point them to another great area of your website?


Keep your readers visually engaged with creative images

You can get out your camera if you want to embrace the photographer within you, but otherwise you can use pictures online but make sure that you check the images usage rights and credit the actual photographer where possible. There are various online websites that have re-useable images suitable for commercial use such as Pixabay.

Keep it consistent and proofread what you’re have written

Consistency is key, so start as you mean to go on in terms of voice, tone and tense. And it is vital to proofread what you have written before you publish it. Check that you have got everything in place and make sure what you have written makes sense. Check each little detail so you don’t miss the obvious before you press publish…

 Did you notice our error above? Well your readers will have the exact same reaction as the pot calling the kettle black. So check, check and check again!

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