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They Do Comms Evening Event

Last night was the launch of our brand new They Do Comms’ Evening Event. Similar to the written equivalent, which you can browse here, the evening invited 6 guest speakers to deliver their stories to a live audience.  The event was well received by those in...

Dana Mills

Dana is currently on a year placement interning here at Branswer but communications and marketing is not the only string to her bow, Discover Dana’s journey and see where her career is heading.

Melanie Marten

From Berlin to London, freelancing to embracing the entrepreneurial culture, Melanie has had quite the journey to where she is today, and she isn’t ready to stop now.

How To Break Down Silos

“Many organisations today that struggle with change and fall short of fulfilling their ultimate vision spend countless days, weeks and months – not to mention resources – trying to understand why they can’t seem to circumvent the barriers...