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Here at Branswer we believe that individuals deserve to be recognised for the positive work that they do, no matter how big or small a contribution it is. However, we are also aware that we do live in the real world and that it is not perfec. Hardworking individuals slip under the radar on a daily basis; deprived of any rightly deserved recognition, encouragement or appreciation.

So, to help you combat the issue, we have 3 top tips that will help keep your work at the top of the game ensuring that you get the recognition and appreciation you deserve for the work you consistently produce.

1) Understand and align yourself with the business’  goals

When you enter a business it is always beneficial  to understand what that business is trying to do and what the ultimate endgame is for it. Find out what intentions and motivations are going to lead to the actions your job will entail you to take. To the best of your ability, seek out what the bigger picture is and establish how you fit into that. By doing this you will be able to give yourself the boundaries that will allow you to stay on track and on target. You will become aligned with the business. For example, if you know that the target customer of the business is female oriented and above 50, you can tailor your work to meet that criteria, keeping your work on track and closely aligned with the overall endgame, and that is not going to disappoint anyone.

2) Build internal relationships

The next step to getting  your work recognized is to get yourself and your work seen. To do this you need to build up internal relationships throughout the business. Identify the co-workers who will add quality to your work life and who will support the work you produce, whether it’s simply offering them a cup of coffee or asking if they can give feedback before you send off a document, build up that professional relationship and be present in you environment. You don’t have to be best pals, just be best co-workers.

3) Maintain the above

The final step to gaining the recognition you deserve is to maintain what you have started. Every so often, just check in with the powers -that-be to make sure that you’re still on track and that you’re still aligned with the business’ endgame. Make sure you up-keep those internal relationship (an outside work friendship could flower), but no matter what don’t be a doormat to anybody. Establish yourself as a quality worker who can do their job effectively and efficiently whilst being kind to those around you and it will be very hard for anybody to not see you shine day in day out.

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