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In today’s fast paced world, it can be hard to keep track of all the small, but much needed, details that help to keep the cogs of your business up and running. One of these details, that actually is a really big detail but also one that is often the most neglected, is a companies branding.

More often than not a brand is decided upon at the very early stages of the business and then pushed out towards the audience. However, a business’s brand should be continuously looked at, developed and tweaked to be kept in alignment with its aims, goals and audience.

The branding of a company should not be a one time, one hit wonder. Your ‘Brandow’ [bran(d) + (win)dow] should be relevant, current and reflective of your audience while also containing an appealing amount of unique personality and individuality that will help make you stand out in your market.

However, it can be a branding minefield out there on the big wide web, so we have taken the liberty of comprising a list of 5 branding myths to watch out for, to help kick start your branding journey!

1. Your logo Is Your Brand

Unfortunately, your logo is not your brand. It is exactly as it says; a logo. It is however, a vehicle for your brand and a very important element in the identitiy of your brand. However, a brand is far more diverse and complex. A brand is a reflection of a business. It is how you and your audience interact with one another, the style and tone the in which the communicate happens. A brand is encompassed by everything a business does , everything it owns, produces and interacts with; a brand is fluid and breakable but it is also strong and re-build-able.

2. A Brand Isn’t An Important Part Of A Company.

A business, no matter  how big,  small or even what product/ service it offers; without a brand, it simply can’t survive in today’s tech savvy, fast paced modern world. Consumers forget and move on often, and every business is replaceable. A brand is required to cement a business into the lives of an audience.

A brand makes a business recognisable and more meaningful to an audience. If it is clear to the consumer that you care about your business and brand, it will also be clear that you care about them because after all, it is there hard earned cash that will keep your business alive.

3.  There Is No Real Substance To Branding.

As you may have noticed by now, branding is as real as it gets. Without a brand, the business will simply fade from existence. Consumers won’t be able to connect to it, identify with it or even know about a business. The branding of a business is like opening the curtains to a window. It can’t be underestimated.

4.  Branding Is Too Expensive.

To brand your business is to invest in your business and ultimately in your future. It is no secret that branding can be expensive, but so can be purchasing a cup of coffee. It all depends on where you go, the quality of the work produced  and also the extent at which you want it to be produced to. A triple shot caramel latte is obviously more expensive than a flat white, but the point is that there is a price range for the same end result. 

5.   Branding is too complex.

Branding can be as complex or as simple as you like. It’s down to you and your business. There is no ‘right’ way to brand, however, there is a successful way to brand and with help from Branswer you can identify which way works for your business. Branswer uses artificial intelligence and technology alongside a splash of human touch to simplify branding and provide ready to use tools that will help to build your brand from strength to strength. Like a box of Lego without instructions, we give you the blocks and then let your creativity flow. 


While you are here, why not take a look at our Branding Canvas? It’s a tool that you can download, keep forever and use right now to start your branding journey!