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Branswer’s Founder and Managing Director, Kayla Herbert, was featured in an article from Michelle Hua on her endorsement from Tech City.

In the article she explains the advantages of a Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa and how it’s given her the opportunity to build her own startup.

She said: “Flexibility is the biggest thing for me. I knew I wanted to continue working in the tech industry, specifically in Leeds because I think it’s such a vibrant fast-growing city and industry, but I also wanted to have my own startup. Having the choice to be self-employed and to work for other companies is important to me and no other visa could give me this opportunity.”

Michelle commented: “Branswer is actually very useful for not only start ups, but also for anyone who needs to create a brand, be it for their business or for themselves. Having gone through the Exceptional Talent Visa process myself, it forced me to stop thinking about my tech start up, Made With Glove and focus on my own personal brand as Michelle Hua – the Tech Nation exceptional talent visa applicant.”

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